Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Eco-Efficiency Production- Consumption For Sustainable Food Security: A Proposed Framework

Weny Findiastuti, Moses. L. Singgih and Maria Anityasari


Eco-efficiency production-consumption is an eco-efficiency measurement with production-consumption as a whole sys-tem approach.A remarkable achievement has been reached in sustainable development at production side and widen to consumption side. However, those of achievements are growing in unbalanced condition. High demand of eco-products has negated the resource efficiencies achieved. Trend in organic foods has increased imported organic ones and results in higher emissions. Dealing with environmental system means dealing with a complex one, conventional measurement designs sometimes do not give information about something within and between production-consumption sub systemsand how it affects the overall performance. The aim of this paper is to propose a dynamic eco-efficiency produc-tion-consumption framework design as an extension of previous frameworkof sustainable food security measurement.By modifying it into dynamic eco-efficiency measurement framework, proposed framework offers better understanding of variable measured relationships that could help decision makers established their policies.

Keywords: Dynamic,Eco-efficiency, Performance, Sustainable, Food Security


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