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Preventive maintenance considering OEE threshold for lease equipment

Ade Supriatna, Moses Laksono Singgih, Erwin Widodo dan Nani Kurniati


Under a leasing contract, a lessor offers equipment with maintenance service included to a lesseein order to induce cooperation with lessee. Maintenance are provided for keeping the equipment on its prime performance, rectifying failure, and restoring it for the operational state. Nevertheless, maintenance always leads to an total maintenance cost some experts have conducted numbers of work overcoming this problem. Most of them tend to assume downtime as a threshold for determining preventive maintenance. This paper proposes Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as a threshold of OEE services to measure of maintenance performance. It also investigates an optimal OEE threshold for performing preventive maintenance (PM) actions on leased equipment. A virtual age reduction method is used to determine the PM degree and build maintenance cost function. During a leasing period, PM actions are performed when OEE equipment reaches the threshold value. The Failure equipment is corrected with minimal repair and PM is carried out with imperfect repairs. A mathematical model of expected total cost is developed to determine an optimal maintenance policy. The result showed that maintenance policies yields minimize total cost maintenance. An interesting discussion on maintenance policies can be drawn based on our numerical experiment results.

Keywords: lease equipment, preventive maintenance, repair, OEE


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