Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems


Ade Supriatna, Moses L. Singgih, Nani Kurniati dan Erwin Widodo


Manufacturing system has been rapidly developing during these decades. Within this advancement, maintenance becomes an important supporting factor. Maintenance aims to develop better production processes in order to perform as expected. Preventive maintenance (PM) is one of maintenance strategies to prevent incipient failures. Many scholars have been studying PM in numerous occasions as well as many different perspectives. This paper attempts to review a number of references, classify them from different view points, as well as integrate both theoretical and practical benefit obtained. This paper also highlights many approaches in determining optimal maintenance policy.The proposed classification is based on the practical cases presented in references. Discussion about comprehensive thinking in PM strategy is also elaborated. Based on authors’ knowledge, there papers work on our concern beforehand. This feature, makes this paper different from others. This paper offers usefull new insights for both academics and practitioners in the area of PM.

Keywords: Preventive Maintenance, Policy PM, Maintenance, Literature review


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