Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Quality Initiatives as QFD-Kano Technical Re-sponses: a Conceptual Model

Mokh Suef, Suparno Suparno and Moses L. Singgih


In aproduct development process using QFD-Kano approach, setting technical response depends highly on the ability and creativity of the product development team. Many papers on QFD-Kano reported the way to classify the technical responses and to merit the expectation of the customer satisfaction. However, only a few of them explained the factors that should be considered during the technical response setting and limited guidance provided for this purpose. This paper in tends to develop aconceptual model that proposes Quality Initiatives as an alternative in developing technical responses in the QFD-Kano method. The Quality Initiatives consist of three ideas; the Fixing, Improving, and Innovat-ingactivities. Each idea corresponds to Kano’s product attributes i.e. must-be, one dimensional, and attractive attrib-utes. Determining of each ideadependsonthe capacityofthe company, thematurity ofthe company’s management system, and the aggressiveness behavior of company management. This conceptual model results an output in the form of defensive technical response or offensive technical response. Several research opportunities are also outlined at the end of this paper.

Keywords: Quality Initiative, QFD-Kano, Technical Respond, Product Development.


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