Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Analysis of The Effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction Using The Servqual and IPA methods at BTN Syariah Surabaya

Winda Amelia Novitasari and Moses Laksono Singgih


The concept of customer satisfaction is one of the critical factors in determining the level of service quality. Good service quality will get positive feedback on customer satisfaction. The tight competition in the banking industry brings
companies to compete to meet customer needs through service quality. In overcoming these challenges, Bank BTN Syariah needs to make a strategy to improve service quality. The company has never known the voice of the customer so far on the quality of its service, so it is necessary to measure the quality of service by distributing questionnaires and processing them using the Service Quality (SERVQUAL) method. This method uses gap analysis to determine whether there is a gap in customer perceptions and expectations regarding service. Then filter and classify the attributes of the SERVQUAL measurement results using the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) method. This method aims to determine which prioritized attributes for improvement. Based on the study results, the attributes included in quadrant A are the attributes of the ‘bank operations under the punctuality of opening and closing hours for counter services. These attributes are the main priority for research improvement assisted byfishbone diagrams.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), Service Quality (SERVQUAL).


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