Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Concise Consumer Needs for Women Muslim Fashion by Integrating Online Product Reviews and Designer Voice

Yunia Dwie Nurcahyanie, Moses Laksono Singgih and Dyah Sari Dewi


Consumer needs in Muslim Clothing product development have become the basic needs of designers developing products. Muslim clothes are a product that is growing very fast in Indonesia. One tool to determine the needs of consumers today is Online Product Reviews (OPRs). OPRs are written by consumers and tell about their satisfaction with the products that they have purchased. OPRs are also useful for online shops on e-commerce platforms to support purchasing decisions, build consumer trust, and show shop reputation. This paper aims to examine the use of OPRs from an e-commerce business perspective capable of influencing consumer buying decisions in an online and offline store and knowing whether OPRs influence the designers in developing Muslim clothing product design. In this research findings, OPRs and star ratings influence consumer’s buying decisions. For designers, OPRs might affect in design development. It provides information product requirements from consumers from positive or negative reviews. Some statements in OPRs were incompatible with the personal opinion of the designer. This review provides new insights for the upcoming study in the field of online shop user rankings, evaluations and designers.

Keywords: Consumer, Fashion, OPRs, Muslim, Woman


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