Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Design of Supply Chain Performance Measurement Model Using Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) in General Trading and Service Company

W. Kosasih, A. Salim, Lithrone Laricha Salomon, and Moses L. Singgih


Supply Chain Management (SCM) plays an important role in keeping the company in the market by managing activities from suppliers to end customers effectively. SC performance measurement makes the supply chain better. SC performance measurement design is carried out in a general trading and service company, which is one of the suppliers of measuring instruments (balance and scale). The company has 23 branch offices so it is necessary to develop appropriate SC performance measures. This study aims to determine the appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) of the SC based on the SCOR model approach. All SC processes are considered in the development of KPIs such as plan, source, make, delivery, and return. Finally, the results of the study demonstrate that there are four KPIs in the green zone (very good performance), twelve KPIs in the yellow zone (performance needs to be improved), and there are three KPIs in the red zone (very poor performance).


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