Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Formation of Improvement Team at Java Rice Company (JRC) Using Competency Matrix Approach and Belbin Test

Singgih, M. L., D. S. Budi., and A. A. Pratiwi

Abstract. This study aims for the proper Formation of Improvement Team at Java Rice Company (JRC) to carry out improvements efficiently. Java Rice Company (JRC) is a company that produces premium quality rice. To deal with increasing business competition, JRC performs work efficiency by implementing Lean Manufacturing Improvement, making process improvements on the production floor to eliminate waste. The identification process carried out by researchers found that the dominant wastes that occurred at the Java Rice Company were motion and waiting wastes. Next, the researcher proposes to the JRC Leaders to use the Roles Belbin and Competency Matrix tools in forming an Improvement Team to eliminate the cause of the dominant waste. Building a good formation team for improvement is very strategic for the company, i.e., to find out the competencies needed to eliminate the dominant causes of waste and to the correct or aligned Improvement Team. The knowledge gained from mapping roles and competencies is essential to improve the efficiency of production improvement, manage human resources and assess the contribution of the Improvement Team to improve production services and company sustainability. At the same time, an inappropriate and efficient team can hinder organizational progress and lead to repetitive work, wasted resources, and lost valuable time. This study found that the direct benefits for JRC to have the right Improvement Team are cost savings up to 56%, reduced motion up to 82%, and reduce activity time up to 82%.


Keywords: Team Improvement, Waste Manufacturing, Team Belbin Roles, and Roles Competency Matrix.

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