Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Performance criteria development of maintenance service provider using case study approach analysis


Maintenance activities, both corrective and preventive, are initially conducted by maintenance department in each company. Currently, some companies implement outsourcing strategies in performing maintenance activities. Outsourcing is the delegation of business functions in total or partial to other companies in conjunction with the administrative and operational activities. One of the advantages of outsourcing is the company can focus on its core business. In addition, outsourcing is more economical due to the maintenance of activities budget; there is an adjustment of fixed costs into variable costs. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) only handles their equipment but third party outsourcing is considered more advantageous because third party outsourcing can handle some types of equipment at once. One of the industries that implement outsourcing in maintenance activity is healthcare industry named hospital. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is part of the hospital which is very vital so that it requires medical equipment with high availability and reliability. The aim of this research is to develop performance criteria for assessing the performance of medical equipment or maintenance outsourcing service provider. Several previous studies have identified performance criteria for maintenance service providers, both in the field of medical equipment as well as manufacturing area. The aim of this research is to develop criteria for assessing maintenance outsourcing performance in healthcare industry. The criteria development methodologies are elaborating previous studies criteria as well as the integrating Case Study Analysis and Delphi to obtain new criteria. Elaboration results of the previous studies, Case Study Analysis and Delphi method obtained 17 criteria to measure performance.


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