Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Performance Metric Development to Measure Overall Vehicle Effectiveness in Mining Transportation

Selamat Walmanto Hia, Moses Laksono Singgih and Raja Oloan Saut Gurning


Several performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of manufacturing equipment have been studied, and one of the most used is overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). However, its application and development in the road transportation sector remains little studied. The purpose of this paper is to establish a new metric derived from OEE to measure the overall effectiveness of coal mining transportation and apply this metric to actual operation. This study employed indepth interviews and Delphi techniques to explore the specific metrics. Three rounds of Delphi involving mining experts, academia, and consultants identified six potential metrics to measure coal mining transportation operations that contributed to a new metric to measure mining transportation overall vehicle effectiveness. This paper also discusses a case study of how this newly developed metric was tested and applied to the actual operation of the truck fleet at a coal-hauling company in Indonesia. According to the case study, this metric accommodated the important factors in coal mining transportation operations and reflected operational performance. This study contributes to measuring the effectiveness of coal-hauling transportation by providing an effective metric that will help the managerial team make better decisions for process improvement.

Keywords: effectiveness; mining; metric; transportation; process; OEE; MTOVE

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