Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Prior and Future Research on Quality-Driven Product Service Systems: A Literature Review

Rahman Dwi Wahyudi, Moses Laksono singgih dan Mokh Suef


The role of services in manufacturing is increasing. Service becomes a value addition to the products offered. A product-service system (PSS) is a tangible manifestation of the integration of services and products. However, the integration of products and services must still ensure the quality of PSS. This paper aims to review the development of research related to the quality of PSS where products and services are considered as an integral part of the integration results. Previous research investigations were carried out by collecting journals discussing PSS. The quality of PSS was then discussed, and its mapping to the quality dimension. The mapping shows the research clusters that can be examined for emerging trends in research and potential future research. Those potential future researches are related to the dimension of reliability, durability, serviceability, aesthetic, and perceived quality.

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