Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Quality Improvement of Corrugating Medium Paper Using Six Sigma in Paper Manufacturing Company

Graccia Elvina Wijaya and Moses Laksono singgih


Paper Company (PC, is a nickname) is a company which produces brown paper, mainly test liner and medium corrugating paper 10.000 MT/month and integrated with paper board company. The production process in the paper industry is continuing process. The quality report in paper mill unit 2 has a defect over the percentage that exceeds company standards. The lowest percentage of defects is in September 2021, which is 2.94%, while the company’s target is 1%. DPMO is 45.600 it is equal with 3,35 sigma. To achieve this target, research was carried out to improve the quality of PM 2 papers using the six sigma method. Six sigma begins with the DMAIC stage (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control). Define stage by making a flow diagram of the production process by making a SIPOC diagram. Measure stage, quality identification is carried out by describing the analysis of the data and measuring the work baseline. The analysis stage will be a capability analysis and finding the root of the problem using an Ishikawa diagram. The improvement stage, which contains proposed improvements, and the control stage will be carried out by comparing the results before and after the improvement. Based on the analysis, the analysis obtained three recommendations for improvement: making SOP for setting basic weight, refresh SOP for checking and sampling basic weight, and modification headboxes in the QCS system Result has been taken in January week 3, the DPMO is 25.566 it is equal to 3,68 sigma.

Keywords: quality improvement, six sigma, DMAIC, and Ishikawa diagram


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